Why is it so difficult to eat healthy?


We are trying to figure out what is healthy but nobody really knows exactly.


Scientists have tried for centuries to answer these questions?


We have more information today than we have ever had before - but there is still so very much that we still don't know. Scientists, governments, and agencies have tried to figure it out but have not be able to come up with a complete consensus. The only thing we know for sure is the current data and facts will change.


How do you know what works?


Time and persistence.


Scientifically formulated in the 1960's Daily Immunity Booster has a proven track record.  The same nutrients our body needed then is what we need today.


Testimonial - Stan V. – Minneapolis, MN

Daily Immunity Booster has been like a member of our family since 1985. My wife and I are daily users of Daily Immunity Booster. Several of our children, now married, continue to take Daily Immunity Booster in their adult years. Initially, we were attracted to Daily Immunity Booster due to its unique quality of having been scientifically formulated and tested. We became life-time users because of the positive physical, mental and emotional benefits we experience on a daily basis.

Testimonial - Chuck & Gwen L. – Arlington, WA

We were very skeptical when we were introduced to Daily Immunity Booster.  When we tried it, Chuck found that he had more energy and stamina when he took it.   When he went off it for a few weeks, he noticed a decline in energy and well-being and went back to Daily Immunity Booster.  Gwen noticed an immediate increase in energy when she took it.   We have been steady users since 1980.

Fill the Gaps

Quite frankly they just don't taste as good.

  • What if you got the same health benefit from a piece of pizza, donut or candy bar that you would by eating a kale leaf salad with little to no dressing, which one would you eat?
  • We already know the answer - Candy sales last year of $64.198 billion where the global salad industry is around 10.78 billion.
  • number 3

Fill consistent needs of the body

Why are processed foods bad

  • number 1
  • number 2
  • number 3

Natural Ingredients

Body can break down more easily

  • number 1
  • number 2
  • number 3

Less vitamins/ minerals in food and water

Depending on the food or water source

  • filtered water
  • harmful chemicals while farming
  • number 3

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