Dendra P Farr West, UT

I am often asked how I have the energy to accomplish everything that I am able to do. I sell Real Estate, babysit grandkids, raise miniature horses and constantly have a paint brush in my hand to accomplish my latest remodel. I always answer Daily Immunity Booster, besides my husband it is my best mate!

I stated taking Daily Immunity Booster in 1998, and with a few short periods when I was out and felt like I could get along with out it, have taken it daily. After about 2 weeks without, I realize that I just feel so much better on Daily Immunity Booster, so I start taking it again. I get a constant feeling of energy for both my mind and my body while taking it. I rarely get sick and know that it contributes to my well being.

I am an energetic 63 year old who is off her rocker, and that is a good thing!

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