The Story Behind the Story

It all started a boy with a dream… just kidding, I had never actually intended to be in the vitamin business.  Here is the story about how I came to own, in my opinion, one of the best, if not, the best product on the market.  

In 2002, I was working at Wells Fargo Bank as a banker and an older very kind gentleman sat down with me to ask for some help on his business accounts.  This was my first introduction to David Wimmer, the previous owner of Natural Wonders with its core product Life Mate. 

I set up a time to go visit him at his office to discuss his business accounts with the hopes of increasing his account with Wells Fargo.  

I pulled up to his office and it was a 4500 square foot building with just him in the building, alone.  I thought it was pretty strange and lonely.  He explained, he would come into the office all day and sit to wait for phone order sales.  Sometimes he would come in all week and get no calls.  Seemed like a waste of time to me, especially with modern technology.  He wasn’t interested in any new accounts, so we parted ways and I moved on.  He would occasionally say hello when he stopped in the bank. 

In 2007 my friend and I decided to start a business and needed an office.  I remembered David and how the building was mostly vacant. We arranged to rent out part of his building and started our business.  I would see Dave occasionally in passing and exchange pleasantries and over time we developed a friendship.  He would start to give me a bottle of the Life Mate and I would set it in my drawer and continue to work.  I did start to take Life Mate occasionally, but nothing serious.

Several years later in 2012, one time, after he gave me another bottle,  I took some and started to feel really hot and got red and blotchy. Great, I am going to die from taking this pill just because I was trying to be a nice guy.  I  ran into his office and told him he needed to take me to the doctor and he is paying the bill.  He calmed me down and told me I was experiencing a niacin flush.   Niacin helps increase the flow of blood to the skin and sometimes it can have this effect.   In the past, I always took it with food and that is why I have never had that experience. 

In 2014, Dave said he was thinking about retiring and didn’t know what to do with the business.  We had become good friends by now and I told him that I would love to help him sell the company.  You have to understand that Dave is probably the nicest person you will ever meet,  although selling it to a large company would make him more money, he was concerned about his current customers and wanted to make sure they would be taken care of and that the product wouldn’t change.  As you know, sometimes large companies will lessen the quality of the product in order to increase revenue.   

In the 16 years since I knew Dave, his sales had not declined and he had done zero, zip, zilch marketing to gain new customers.  What kind of sales job was done on these people that would keep them taking this product for 25 plus years consistently?  I personally did not take vitamins and was pretty anti-pill in general.  Even after surgery, I wouldn’t take any pain meds because I believed the body should heal itself and not rely on other sources.   

Dave would go on very few vacations over the time I knew him, but when he did he would have me take the calls and send out the products.  Since I was already in the building I had no problem completing this task for him.  I started talking to his customers and realized that many of them had been taking Life Mate since the early 1980’s for 30 - 35 years.  They would tell me things like, “I can’t live without it” or “I notice a big difference when I don’t take it.”  Didn’t think much of it but still couldn’t fathom how people would continue to purchase a product for 30 plus years.  Especially one that was more expensive than some of the competitors out on the market.  What one customer said to me rang out in my head, “ you have to take it everyday to get the full benefit.”

It was at this time in  2014, that I decided that I would start to take Life Mate every day.  Before I would take it occasionally and I didn’t have any at home so I would miss it on the weekends or anytime I was out of the office.  I didn’t want to be a nut about it.  This time it was different, I took a bottle home and I was determined to take it everyday and I did for about 4 years straight not missing one day.  There were some distinct changes in my life.  I felt much healthier and didn't have much down time in my life when I didn't feel healthy.  After taking it religiously, everyday for that time period there would be years that would go by without feeling unhealthy.  On the rare occasion that I did feel unhealthy, it would only last for a short time.  Honestly, I am not the epitome of health,  I love ice cream and candy.  I do ride the bike consistently but nothing changed in my diet or lifestyle except me taking Life Mate. 


In preparing to sell the company, I thought it was a good idea to gather some feedback from the current customers.  Why did they take the product?  How did it help them? Several of them would say how healthy they felt and how rare they would feel unhealthy.   In early 2018, I talked with Dave about me purchasing the company, since I knew many of his customers, I would be sure to take care of them and make sure the quality of the product would remain, even though it was one of the more expensive products to make on the market.   Over the next few years, we hammered out the sales contract and I became the owner of Natural Wonders and Life mate on February 28, 2020.  Only a few weeks before the world was closed down because of the Covid pandemic, but that is a story for another day.


One of the challenges that I had with purchasing the company and why it took me so long to take the product, is what is Life Mate?  It sounded more like a dating app than a vitamin supplement.  Hence, why we updated the name to Daily Immunity Booster.  From my experience, when I take it every day without fail, it really does help make my immune system stronger.  In the process of purchasing the company, I found that science backs up that idea.  See the science behind Daily Immunity Booster...

As owner of Natural Wonders and Life Mate (Daily Immunity Booster)  my pledge is to continue to create this magnificent product and retain the quality that it has had for the past 40 plus years.  As Daily Immunity Booster has benefited my life, I want to share and have the thousands currently taking it turn into tens of thousands and eventually millions.  I am a big believer in an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.  There is no price you can put on living the best healthiest life you can live.  If there are any concerns you have about the product or any issues please reach out to me, I want your experience with the product to be as good or better than mine.

Why rebrand the name?  Life-mate, although it does describe how important good nutrients are to your body, it is difficult to understand what it is with out doing research.  On the other hand, Daily Immunity Booster tells you exactly what it does and what it is in the name.  Only after you experience it for yourself and all the benefits you will enjoy will it become your "Life-Mate."